Île-aux-Moines in the past

Vue par drône ile-aux-moines

Drehen bay seen from the bois d’Amour

At the end of the 19th century, Drehen bay was nothing more than an uninhabited cove bordered by short vegetation. Only the bois d’Amour (“lovewood”), planted a few years earlier, standed out from the landscape. Driven by the boom in seaside tourism, the site began to evolve with the construction of the first hotels and residences. This movement was accompanied by softwood plantations on land abandoned by agriculture. The landscape was progessively closed and the hamlets located on the ridge of the island gradually faded from the horizon. At the other end of the bay, the mound of Gazolven, the highest point of the island (31 m), was slowly covered with trees and houses and the panorama it offered then disappeared.
Throughout the 20th century, these evolutions continued until obtaining the current landscape.
The panorama above was created by assembling three old photographs taken between 1900 and 1930 from the bois d’Amour.

Captions :

  • Customs officers posing in front of the customs office
  • Windmill of the Rinville
  • View of the bois d’Amour from the mound of Gazolven around 1900

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