Île-aux-Moines in the past

Vue par drône ile-aux-moines

The white house

The “white house” was built around 1830 by a sailor of the island on a seashore*. It was then attached to a pier of which only the foundations remain today, visible at low tide. The site was then completely uninhabited and composed around only small plots of pasture and shaved moors. Although raised on the maritime public domain without authorization, those constructions will benefit in 1848 from a concession from the Administration, taking into account the interest for the mooring of the ships that this small port constituted.
On the hill behind the house is the highest point of the island (31 m). At the beginning of the 19th century, a customs observation post called « the lookout » was installed there and thus allowed customs officers to monitor the comings and goings of ships in the Gulf.
* deposit of marine alluvium that the tides no longer cover.

Captions :

  • The site around 1900
  • Plan of 1846

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